dump truck regulations

Dump Truck Tarping Laws and Requirements by State

Dump Truck Tarping Laws and Requirements by StateIt shall be unlawful to operate on any public highway any open truck or trailer being utilized for the transportation of any loose substances unless said truck or trailer has a cover tarpaulin or other device of a type and specification approved by the commissioner of transportation which completely closes in the opening on the said truck or trailer while said truck or trailer shall be so operated so as to prevent The deadline for the new regulations for dump trucks is ...Trucks with dump bodies shall be equipped with positive means of support permanently attached and capable of being locked in position to prevent accidental lowering of the body while maintenance or inspection work is being done. 1926.601 (b) (11)End dump trucks on jobsites or public highways ...1926.601 (b) (2) (ii) All vehicles or combination of vehicles shall have brake lights in operable condition regardless of light conditions. 1926.601 (b) (3) All vehicles shall be equipped with an adequate audible warning device at the operator's station and in an operable condition. 1926.601 (b) (4)